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John M. Marshall Elementary School

3 Gingerbread Lane   
East Hampton, New York 11937

Phone: (631) 329-4155
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Our Mission:

At John M. Marshall Elementary School, we believe that our mission as the district's primary school is twofold: to educate each student to his/her maximum academic capabilities, and to foster the positive emotional and social development of each child. It is our goal to design a K-5 program that recognizes and responds to the special characteristics and unique needs of very young children. Our commitment to educating the "whole child" has led us to strongly reaffirm our desire to ensure that every child attending John M. Marshall enjoys the benefits of a developmentally appropriate classroom placement. It is our conviction that an effective educational program for students aged 4-11 years old must reflect the understanding that the purpose of the primary school is to help each child develop in a manner that will enable him/her to proceed through school as a well-adjusted, academically confident student.

~Beth Doyle, Principal


Congratulations to our 3rd graders! All School meeting Five Habit Award


JMMES Reading Initiative

Back-to-School Night Presentation - English

Back-to-School Night Presentation - Spanish



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