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Fifth Grade Chromebook Page


What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptop computers that use the Google Chrome browser as their operating system.  Unlike the Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh OS, Chromebook devices running the Chrome browser leverage the Internet to provide access to educational content, web based applications and vast amounts of digital storage which is available to educational institutions at little to no cost.  Chromebooks have no moving parts so battery life is significantly better then traditional laptops. These devices require no anti-virus software and no system updates need to be performed by students or school staff.  Please review the Chromebook Handbook.

Chromebook Handbook


The East Hampton School District has insured your students Chromebook.  The coverage information can be found in the student handbook.  


Can my student bring in his or her own device to use in school.  Yes*, this is referred to as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  If your student has a device they would prefer use instead of the school provided device, they may.  If the device has the free Google Chrome browser installed and they can connect their device to the schools open access wireless network they will be able to use their device for class and assignments. * It is important t understand that the school district does not have staff to troubleshoot problems associated with using a personal device at school.


Suggested Protective Gear

The following links are for products that are not required but recommended to better protect your child's Chromebook while it is in their possession.  There are three recommended items below, however any 11" laptop cover or case you choose is acceptable.  Providing you child with a shell case, sleeve or bag will also help them to identify their Chromebook from all the other students devices.  

Hard Cover Shell Cases for the HP 11" G3 Chromebook

Students should not label, write, or mark directly on their Chromebook. This is another benefit of a shell case as the students .can personalize there case just as they would cover and personalize a school textbook.      


Neoprene Sleeve for 11" Chromebook

 These sleeves provide added protection for travel within a student's backpack and can protect the device from minor falls and surface scratches.


All-In 11" Chromebook Case/Bag

 This case opens by a zipper much like a laptop bag and then converts into a protective cover.  





Thursday, January 23, 2020