Starting this year, seniors will be allowed to participate in an exciting and ground-breaking pilot program at East Hampton High School.  As many of you know, internships are available to interested students.  Some have found it difficult to take advantage of this opportunity due to sports, extracurricular activities, academics and other interests and responsibilities.

The East Hampton School District is looking to remodel the internship program to become part of the student’s academic day.  We realize many seniors have completed most of the required courses and could have a compacted schedule at school, allowing for a daily, year-long internship opportunity in the community.

•    Get an edge in the college admission process
•    Learn if a specific career path is one of interest to you
•    Receive real world experience in an area of interest
•    Network with professionals
•    Learn the real factors that make up a career
•    Develop new skills

This is a pilot program and a limited number of internships will be awarded.

If interested, please click on the link and submit the form below no later than September 8th :