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Language Art Students Learn from the Pros

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East Hampton students hailing from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico recently crafted masks that represent their home countries after meeting with several local artists and going on educational field trips.

In Ms. Iacono's Home Language Arts-Spanish class, students were tasked with creating masks that represent all aspects of their home countries, including geographic landscapes, historic figures, monuments, buildings, flora, handicrafts and artifacts of the indigenous populations.

In addition to creating the masks, the students participated in several field trips to gain a better understanding of the importance of their work. As well as meeting with other artists, the students met with East Hampton alumnus Scott Bluedorn, and artist and curator Paton Miller to discuss the role of artists in a community and viewed an exhibit of Miller’s paintings and drawings. They later took a field trip to Guild Hall, where they were guided through a tour of the 77th Annual Artists Members Exhibit.

The finished masks will be displayed around East Hampton High School and in local art institutions.
Wednesday, September 18, 2019