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67 Students Inducted into Century Club

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A total of 67 East Hampton students were recently inducted into the Century Club. The club honors students who have dedicated themselves to excellence in the community and have contributed 100 hours or more of community service during their high school years.

More than 700 East Hampton students have been inducted into the Century Club since its establishment in 2004, with members contributing more than 95,000 hours of community service. The club develops character, self-esteem and leadership qualities attained through contribution to one’s local, national and global communities.

The Century Club has worked with numerous charities and agencies, including Free the Children, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Salvation Army and the Retreat, a local domestic violence agency.

Congratulations to the following new inductees:

Class of 2015
Jessica Alvarracin Gutama                       
Zachary Bogetti
Johana Carreno                             
Dana Chittavong
George Contreras                           
William Ellis                         
Melissa Hurtado                            
Aubrey Jowers                      
Stephanie Marin Castro                 
Evelyn Morales Valverde     
Kimberly Pillco                              
Erika Quichimbo Pulla         
Klever Ramon Farez                    
Joshua Rosario                   
Travis Santiago                               
Brenden Snow                    
Nicholas West

Class of 2016
Jacqueline Bates                            
Alexa Berti
Marissa Brophy                               
Devon Brown
Chase Bushman                            
Nicholas Dragone
Carly Drew                                       
Alana Ellis
Cien Estuye                                     
William Field
Amanda Fioriello                            
McKenzie Frazier
Madison Gregg                               
Irene Hatgistavrou
Harrison Janson                             
Mia Karlin-Cappello
Brandon Kennedy Gay                 
Tristan Larsen
Jocelin Leon                                               
Gage Lynch
Katie Mendoza                                
Wylee Musnicki
James Niggles                               
Nicole Notel
Priscila Ortega                                 
Julia Peralta                              
Nina Piacentine                         
Anna Piermont                      
Betzy Pillco                                               
Evelyn Quiroz                         
William Stoecker                                   
Jared Wolff
Natalie Wolff

Class of 2017
Yessenia Aguirre                            
Theodore Calabrese
Emma Foster                                   
Jordan Foster
Danielle Futerman                         
Alyssa Jacoby
Cameron Kavanaugh                    
Matthew Lester
Jorge Naula                                    
Hannah Rosario Melendez
Alexandra Rutkowski                    
Marikate Ryan
Valentina Sanchez                        
Alexandra Vecchio
Andrew Wilson

Class of 2018
Dylan DiSunno                               
Lucy Emptage

Wednesday, September 18, 2019