Film Challenge

Eight students who entered the 10 Day Film Challenge were invited to the Kauffman UA Theater in Astoria, Queens, on May 25 to represent two films in the top 30 in all of New York State. Following an afternoon of viewing student films, "Monitored" was awarded 10th overall in New York State. "Monitored" was also the runner-up for Best Editing and Best Use of Music. "Promposed" was the runner-up for Best Use of Line of Dialogue.  

Film Challenge Requirements:  
Character: Stephen or Stephanie Beck has a recurring dream          
Prop: A button    
LINE OF DIALOGUE: "You've got to be kidding me."
Cinematic Technique (optional): Opening title sequence

“Promposed” - Directed by Emma Norris
Starring Vincenzo Salsedo and Amanda Fiorello

“Monitored” - Directed by Gage Lynch, Will Stoecker and Nick Pucci
Starring Will Stoecker, Wylee Musnicki and Nick Pucci
Original Music by Anthony Genovesi and Gage Lynch