14th Annual Personal Best Awards Breakfast

The East Hampton High School Guidance and Counseling Department hosted the 14th annual Personal Best Awards Breakfast on May 5, honoring 30 students from the freshman class. These students were nominated by their teachers as having put their best foot forward this year. Teachers and faculty were asked to nominate one student whom they felt has shown their personal best throughout their ninth-grade year.  

“Personal best” refers to students who have set an example for their peers, demonstrated a high level of respect both in and out of the classroom, maintain a positive attitude, are highly motivated and hardworking, and are an overall asset to their classes. While traditional school awards are based on academics, sports, the fine arts, etc., this award is presented to those who possess a positive outlook on school and demonstrate outstanding character.

While the first year of high school is a difficult transition, these students have not only made the transition from middle school to high school look easy, but have done so with distinction. Congratulations again to our winners!

Talia Albukrek     
Frank Bademci Jr.
Helen Barranco-Ramirez
Naomi Blowe
Brian Damm      
Olman Dominguez
Jasper Edie
Anthony Genovesi  
Allen Gregg    
Erica Arias Guanga  
Paula Guerra
Mailyn Guzman  
Caroline Heredia   
Mya Jones      
Gabriella Kaljevic
Lara Lowlicht
Emily Lupercio
Seth Martin
Zane Musnicki   
Wendy Ordonez
Rachel Osborne
Caitriona Pollikoff
Keith Quihuiri   
Ashley Rea
Santiago Roman Restrepo
Madison Saldivar-Mannix
Edwin Tapia
Kevin Tapia
Steven Verdugo
Cate Wicker