13th Annual Personal Best Awards Breakfast

East Hampton High School’s guidance and counseling department hosted the 13th annual Personal Best Awards Breakfast on May 7. Thirty freshmen received this award at a breakfast held in their honor.

The Personal Best Award is earned by students who have demonstrated a high level of respect both in and out of the classroom, are highly motivated, and prove themselves to be an overall asset to their classes. Teachers were asked to nominate one student from each of their classes whom they felt has demonstrated their personal best throughout their freshman year.  

Those chosen for the award have not only made the transition from middle school to high school look easy, but have done so with distinction.

Congratulations to all of the winners:
Elizabeth Bistrian
Jairo Buestan Ortiz
Kevin Buestan Ortiz
Eleanor Byrne
Pamela Chumbi
Elias Coste
Kyle Dias
Davis Eames
Timothy Ellis Hester
Theodore Esposito
Paul Gonzalez German 
Gianna Gregorio
Andreas Koutsogiannis
Noah Lappin
Eden Lowlicht
Lizette Maurath
Jonnathan Medina Guanga
Hunter Medler
Zachary Minskoff
Kaya Mulligan
Pamela Pillco Moscoso
John Pinos Quito
Jhonelle Richards
Jodi Kay Robertson
Edwin Rodas
Ruben Dario Santana Aquino
Madison Schenck
Eamon Spencer
Tyler Thompson
Robert Weiss