The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) is one of the nation's most scientifically sound and helpful surveys that provide immediate feedback on how students, parents, school personnel and even community members perceive your school's particular climate for learning. Vetted by the National School Climate Council, three independent reviews of school climate measures, a core group of practice and policy leaders, the CSCI is considered to be one of the top school climate surveys in the field. This social, emotional and civic as well as intellectual information provides a foundation for the five-stage school climate improvement process.

The CSCI is the first school climate survey to include a community scale that complements and extends our student, parent/guardian and school personnel scales. This community scale is yoked to student leadership and service learning guidelines. To learn more about the new CSCI community scale, click here.

The CSCI can be used in two major ways: as a needs assessment and as a pre-post measure of change over time.

The CSCI-like all school climate measures-is not an appropriate measurement tool (or "normed measure") that can be used to compare schools.

The CSCI is a scientifically-based set of measures that provides a comprehensive picture of a range of school climate dimensions, from students, staff and parents. It is web-based and user-friendly and the best school climate measure on the scene today.