Students Help Build Nepalese School with BuildOn

Earlier this year, East Hampton High School teachers Kathleen Brown and Billy Barbour took a group of 20 students to Nepal through a partnership with buildOn to build a school.

BuildOn is an organization that builds schools and promotes education in areas that historically have poor educational systems and facilities. Following a successful trip to Senegal last year, East Hampton High School founded an official buildOn chapter.

Each student on the trip was paired with a roommate and stayed with a host family while participating in cultural workshops. Workshops included learning native dances, basket weaving, and sampling local food.

The $108,000 trip was funded almost entirely through fundraising and generous donations made by local East Hampton businesses. The money went into completing the foundation of the new school in Nepal and the rebar for wall supports.

Future buildOn groups will travel to Nepal to complete the construction of the school, allowing others to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip.