Students Compete in History Tournament

Earlier this month, East Hampton High School students competed in Long Island History Day at Hofstra University, an event for which more than 600 Long Island students were tasked with developing a project about leadership and legacy in history and then presenting their research to a team of judges. Students were encouraged to research individuals from American and world history who had left either positive or disastrous effects on the course of human events. East Hampton students competed in several events, including the Junior Exhibit and Senior Paper categories.

Congratulations to the following participants:

Rebecca Kuperschmid – Jackie Robinson (Junior Individual Exhibit)
Alexis Yurkewitch and Emilie Kramer – John Wilkes Booth (Junior Group Exhibit)
Emily Hugo and Rianna Helier – President Nixon (Junior Group Exhibit)
Alexandra Ebel – President Theodore Roosevelt (Senior Essay)
Rebecca Kuperschmid (MS) and Alexandra Ebel (HS) – Achievement Award recipients