High School Model United Nations

The High School Model United Nations team competed at the United Nations International School Conference this past Saturday and received the Honorable Delegation Award (the equivalent of third place). In addition, Cecilia de Havenon received an Honorable Delegate Award, and both Jason Karlin and Amanda Calabrese received Outstanding Delegate Awards.

This was the first time many of these students participated in a conference like this, and they clearly rose to the occasion. They worked incredibly hard to research their respective countries and foreign policy, and if you see them, make sure to commend them on their efforts!

The Model UN Team includes:

Maxine de Havenon (President)
Amanda Calabrese (Vice President)
Jason Karlin (Treasurer)
Travis Santiago (Secretary)
Maddie Aldrich
Alicia Benis
Alexa Berti
Marissa Brophy
Cecilia de Havenon
Alexandra Ebel
Alana Ellis
Yean Franco
Maddie Jones
Stephen Kane
Ben Karlin
Julian MacGurn
Anna Piermont
Erin Nolan
Tyler Thompson
Jared Wolff
Natalie Wolff